September 17, 2023 | 11:30 GMT+7

VMware empowering intelligent cloud adoption in Vietnam

Giang Hoang -

Innovative initiatives unveiled at the VMware Explore 2023 event, empowering customers in multi-cloud environments.

In an era where digitalization drives business growth, Vietnamese enterprises are rapidly embracing cloud technology for innovation. VMware stands as a strategic ally in this regard, guiding companies towards intelligent virtualization, ensuring a smooth cloud transition, and avoiding the chaos that hinders many organizations today.

Many Vietnamese enterprises have embarked on virtualization, primarily in the early “Cloud First” stages. Unfortunately, rather than pursuing a more intelligent “Cloud Smart” approach, many face “Cloud Chaos”. Here, diverse infrastructure and applications sprawl across multiple clouds, complicating operations and scalability.

Mr. Paul Simos, Vice President and COO for Southeast Asia and South Korea at VMware, shared insights into the three typical cloud adoption stages. The first, “Cloud First”, prioritizes cloud use, prompting businesses to migrate all applications. Lacking multi-cloud comprehension leads to the second stage, “Cloud Chaos”, complicating operations and scalability. The third, “Cloud Smart”, achieves consistency and scalability without overloading workloads or compromising infrastructure. VMware’s mission is to empower Vietnamese enterprises with smart cloud technology.

With Vietnam’s growing economy and digital transformation drive, VMware recognizes the burgeoning demand for cloud applications. Businesses are rapidly implementing private cloud tech for data center virtualization and management.

Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation, including cloud adoption. Post-pandemic, businesses continue investing in remote work and security, preparing for future multi-cloud needs.

VMware advises Vietnamese businesses to build robust foundations, avoid cloud chaos, and transition smoothly to smart cloud solutions. Approximately 45-50 per cent of Vietnamese enterprises have yet to fully embrace cloud technology, highlighting the ample space available for cloud development.

To facilitate smart cloud adoption, VMware recently unveiled innovative initiatives at the VMware Explore 2023 event, empowering customers in multi-cloud environments. Its Private AI platform utilizes AI for predictive capabilities while preserving data privacy, and the vSAN Max storage technology offers cost-effective scalability.

VMware equips customers with robust foundations for future cloud development through these innovations. Its vision encourages customers to consider virtualizing existing platforms or constructing virtualized cloud platforms for multi-cloud readiness.

Adopting Cloud Smart technology not only overcomes investment challenges but also eases cost burdens faced by enterprises dealing with “Cloud Chaos”.

VMware remains committed to supporting Vietnam’s digital transformation while laying the vital groundwork for future development. Its ecosystem supports business expansion, enhancement, and an intelligent cloud transition.

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