June 22, 2022 | 17:31 GMT+7

Citi Vietnam organizes activities for Global Community Day 2022

As part of the Citi Vietnam Community Week, Citi Vietnam organized tree plantingevents and blood donation drives in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from June 10 to 18.

Hundreds of Citi volunteers joined its tree planting campaign at Nam Cat Tien National Park in southern Dong Nai province and the Phu Ninh Primary School in northern Phu Tho province as part of the Citi Vietnam Community Week from June 10 to 18, with more than 1,500 trees planted in total. The campaign aims to support the Vietnamese Government’s project of planting a billion trees over the next five years.

“Every year since 2006, Citi employees serve the communities in which they work through Community Day events in the month of June,” said Mr. Ramachandran A.S., Country Officer of Citi Vietnam. “This year, we planted trees on a large scale in support of the government’s 1-billion-tree initiative, which is aligned with Citi’s focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).”

“Our tree planting campaign brought Citi volunteers and communities together to form a social movement for environmental protection,” he added.

Also part of the Community Week, blood donation drives were held in cooperation with the Red Cross’s Ho Chi Minh City Humanitarian Blood Donation Center and the National Institute of Hematology - Blood Transfusion (NIHBT) in Hanoi. Citi volunteers came to the donation center or the hospital to donate blood under the supervision of doctors and nurses.

“The program aims to create greater awareness about the vital role of blood transfusions in saving lives and assisting the recovery of patients,” Mr. Ramachandran said. “We are confident that more Citi staff will become regular voluntary blood donors in the future and further support their local communities.”

Traditionally, Global Community Day is celebrated through in-person events, with people rolling up their sleeves and engaging in various activities. Due to the global pandemic, however, Citi has reimagined ways to give back by organizing more online activities. Citi Vietnam is also cooperating with the Ho Chi Minh City University of Banking (HUB) to provide online career counseling, youth mentorships, and resume-building advice for students.