November 27, 2023 | 16:00 GMT+7

FPT Software & RWE to strengthen strategic partnership

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Vietnamese IT tech services provider and German energy company are celebrating ten years of working together.

Marking their ten-year partnership, global technology services provider FPT Software aims to further support German energy company RWE’s goals, with expanded offerings to other RWE business units and diversified offshore delivery locations from Vietnam.

Meanwhile, with RWE’s vision in the Growing Green Strategy, with €50 billion ($54.7 billion) investment by 2030, RWE is looking for a reliable strategic partner who can help with an extended workforce, digital transformation, and innovation.

The partnership includes services delivery from FPT Software’s strategic offerings, namely Cloud and Data, Cybersecurity, Sharepoint Migration and Support, Application Managed Services, and, most notably, SAP, with which FPT Software became a strategic partner of RWE in 2022.

In the same year, both companies started implementing Managed Services in SAP - an adaptive and scalable model that allows FPT Software to be the single preferred partner providing continuous support services to RWE’s critical operations. The cooperation also allows RWE to leverage FPT Software’s diversified “Best-Shore” delivery models, using both nearshore and offshore workforces to boost efficiency while optimizing cost and human resources.

The anniversary celebrations of the ten-year partnership were held during RWE executives’ visit to FPT headquarters in Hanoi.

Mr. Edgar Aschenbrenner, Chief Information Officer at RWE AG, told VnEconomy that the relationship goes back more than ten years, when FPT entered the European market. At that time, FPT acquired an IT business in Slovakia. FPT is a key partner of RWE globally.

Mr. Edgar Aschenbrenner, Chief Information Officer of RWE AG.
Mr. Edgar Aschenbrenner, Chief Information Officer of RWE AG.

RWE’s vision was defined two years ago as a Growing Green Strategy, which means future investments will run predominantly into a green energy system, according to Mr. Aschenbrenner. With an extensive investment and growth strategy, RWE will expand its powerful, green generation capacity to 50 gigawatts internationally by 2030. RWE is investing more than €50 billion ($54.7 billion) gross for this purpose in this decade.

So, during this visit to Vietnam, RWE wants to discuss a further extension of the business relationship with FPT. Both sides will apply AI, the metaverse, and artificial technologies.

Because of its global expansion, RWE also is also interested in the 24/7 capability of FPT and discussions over cybersecurity topics.

Mr. Aschenbrenner also agreed that Vietnam has proven to be very strong in IT, innovation capabilities and global footprint."Vietnam has proven to be very strong in IT," he said. "We also do have today a global presence, so we can compare Vietnam also to other regions, to other countries around the globe."

FPT, for example, has a strong knowledge in how to build digital platforms.

"In order to digitalize and modernize IT, especially into a renewables business, we are convinced cloudified environment is giving us much more flexibility and scalability, where FPT demonstrated a lot of very good knowledge," Mr. Aschenbrenner added. "FPT also has a strong footprint in Germany with a very good account team, with very good language skills, they speak Vietnamese, English, they speak even German. FPT was investing in RWE, and we think we have a strong business relationship, which we are currently discussing further."

Mr. Aschenbrenner believes that obviously the capabilities and the business opportunities lying in Vietnam based on the whole global economic changes which are happening right now. "And obviously, Vietnam, I think has proven to take in here a very important place in Asia, which we definitely need to further discuss," he affirmed.

From an FPT perspective, RWE also plays a key role with regards to the European market. 150 employees which have been acquired at that time are now several hundreds, with all the people working also from offshore and onshore. Both sides have built a strong onshore relationship in Europe.

Dr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT.
Dr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT.

Dr. Truong Gia Binh, FPT Chairman, told VnEconomy that it has experience in renewable energy. “This is a new field with specific characteristics and a dependence on nature, so it is necessary to apply AI to ensure energy storage, operations, and production,” he said. “RWE also evaluates its contracts with FPT as being of good quality, with a good working attitude, and scalability and capacity in new technologies such as Cloud, AI, and Big Data.”

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