November 23, 2023 | 13:45 GMT+7

KIDO Group embarks on E2E project on TikTok

Nhung Nguyen

Entertainment & E-commerce project to become first shoppertertainment channel on social platforms to help businesses improve sales and the customer experience.

Representatives from the two parties at the announcent event.
Representatives from the two parties at the announcent event.

Foodstuff maker the KIDO Group announced an investment to develop an Entertainment & E-commerce (E2E) project on the TikTok platform at a launch event in Ho Chi Minh City last week. It targets becoming a commercial review and entertainment channel to activate consumption power and promote trade promotion activities on social platforms.

With the explosion of social marketing, the strong development of e-commerce platforms, technology trends, and digital transformation, as well as the shift in consumer trends after the pandemic, the trend of live shopping, livestreaming, and entertainment commerce are booming in many countries, including Vietnam. Many surveys indicate that consumers are in a new stage of development, prioritizing an integrated shopping experience that effectively combines online and livestream.

Grasping the trend, the E2E project has been put into operation, aiming to becomes the first shopping, trade promotion, and entertainment channel on social platforms, helping businesses directly reach a large number of customers and also helping users have a good experience in terms of emotions and product services.

Specifically, brands and businesses can post interesting videos reviewing fashion, cuisine, and product experiences, among others, to boost trade promotion and marketing activities to reach more customers, and conduct livestream sales on the platform at low cost.

“E-commerce and livestreams have recently become strongly emerging trends worldwide that directly connects manufacturers, brands, and consumers, and this trend is forecast to continue growing strongly in the near future,” said Mr. Tran Le Nguyen, Vice Chairman and CEO of the KIDO Group.

“The E2E project will bring many business opportunities, promote marketing and trade activities of businesses, especially SMEs that are gradually recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 and the current economic crisis, while taking advantage of E2E’s existing logistics platform, opening up direct business opportunities with customers,” said Mr. Nguyen. “This will be the first time in Vietnam that a shopping center - Hung Vuong Plaza in Ho Chi Minh City - with genuine products will appear on the TikTok platform,” he added.

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