March 17, 2023 | 11:17 GMT+7

Standard Chartered Bank partners with Dear Our Community

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Cooperative arrangement to help Vietnamese youth engage and accelerate ESG and sustainability practices.

The ‘Mo Duong Dan Loi’ series. Source: Standard Chartered Bank
The ‘Mo Duong Dan Loi’ series. Source: Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank officially partnered with Dear Our Community on March 16 as the title sponsor of a series entitled “Opening the Way - Leading the Path” - the first series featuring social impact practitioners targeting young audiences in Vietnam.

The project aims to inspire and provide practical knowledge to help youth pursue social impact and sustainability careers or a career that matches their capabilities, skills, and passion while solving challenges and creating positive change.

Standard Chartered Bank staff will contribute their time and expertise to share knowledge and skills to help young people prepare for their social impact journey.

Ms. Vo Ngoc Tuyen, Founder and CEO of Dear Our Community, said it is honored to partner with Standard Chartered Bank in the series. “The participation of well-known and pioneering companies like Standard Chartered Bank will provide motivation and needed support for the youth community, who are eager to give back, engage, and accelerate ESG [environment, social, governance] and sustainability practices contributing to a green future,” she said

“Opening the Way - Leading the Path” runs from March to May and includes production and release of videos and interviews with practitioners and leaders in social impact fields, such as sustainability, non-profit, corporate social responsibility, and ESG at pioneering companies and non-profit organizations in Vietnam.

Furthermore, the series also cooperates with major universities in Vietnam such as the University of Social Sciences & Humanities, the University of Sciences, the University of Economics - Finance, etc. to share knowledge about sustainability, ESG, and social impact to students, providing them the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the current and future labor market.

“Through ‘Mo Duong Dan Loi’, or ‘Opening the Way - Leading the Path’, we aim to equip Vietnam’s young workforce with practical knowledge about ESG and sustainability,” said Ms. Michele Wee, CEO of Standard Chartered Vietnam. “This is among Standard Chartered’s activities to help youth develop social impact careers, contributing to build a green, sustainable, and prosperous Vietnam.”

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