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Vietnam Seeks WHO's Expertise to Bolster Healthcare, Vaccine Production, and Drug Procurement

David Tran -

The Southeast Asian nation seeks WHO's expertise to strengthen its healthcare system, boost vaccine production capabilities, and reform its drug procurement mechanisms.

DPM Tran Hong Ha requested the WHO's expertise in reforming and refining the country's drug procurement mechanisms.
DPM Tran Hong Ha requested the WHO's expertise in reforming and refining the country's drug procurement mechanisms.

Vietnam has called upon the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide support in enhancing its preventive healthcare capabilities, vaccine production, and drug procurement processes.

This appeal was made by Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha during a meeting with Dr. Saia Ma'u Piukala, the WHO's Western Pacific Regional Director on May 13.

Strengthening Preventive Healthcare and Vaccine Production

Deputy Prime Minister Ha acknowledged the WHO's crucial role in global health coordination and expressed Vietnam's gratitude for the organization's unwavering support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He emphasized the country's ambition to bolster its research and vaccine production capabilities, not only to combat emerging diseases but also to address the resurgence of infectious diseases like measles and tuberculosis.

Vietnam, as one of 15 countries selected by the WHO for mRNA vaccine technology transfer, seeks the organization's assistance in achieving these goals.

Deputy Prime Minister Ha also highlighted the importance of ensuring a stable and adequate supply of pharmaceuticals for the Vietnamese population.

He requested the WHO's expertise in reforming and refining the country's drug procurement mechanisms, including regulations, procedures, and the selection of suppliers.

Photo source: VGP.
Photo source: VGP.

WHO's Priorities and Commitments

Dr. Piukala outlined the WHO's priorities, including strengthening preventive healthcare systems, promoting healthy lifestyles and environments, ensuring health security, and regulating e-cigarettes.

He reaffirmed the WHO's commitment to supporting Vietnam's healthcare efforts and contributing to the sustainable development of the region and the world.

Deputy Prime Minister Ha echoed Dr. Piukala's sentiments, emphasizing the significance of preventive healthcare and primary care in early disease detection and prevention.

He sought the WHO's support in restructuring and strengthening Vietnam's healthcare system, particularly in defining requirements, tasks, resources, and personnel deployment.

The Deputy Prime Minister also underscored the link between environmental quality and health, referring to "health security" as a "non-traditional security" issue. He stressed the need to integrate health policies with environmental protection measures.

E-Cigarette Regulation

In response to Dr. Piukala's concerns about e-cigarettes, Deputy Prime Minister Ha tasked the Ministry of Science and Technology, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, to assess the impact of e-cigarettes on health, especially among young people.

He also committed to considering the WHO's guidance and recommendations for appropriate regulatory measures.

This high-level meeting between the Vietnamese government and the WHO signals a strengthened partnership in addressing critical healthcare challenges.

It reflects Vietnam's proactive approach to enhancing its healthcare system, ensuring access to essential medicines, and safeguarding public health.

The collaboration between Vietnam and the WHO is expected to yield significant advancements in preventive healthcare, vaccine production, and pharmaceutical regulation, ultimately benefiting the Vietnamese people and contributing to regional and global health security.

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