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VinFast to recall nearly 6,000 VF5 Plus electric vehicles

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Vietnamese auto maker identifies problem with turn signals on steering column.

VinFast said on February 6 that the company will recall nearly 6,000 VF5 Plus after discovering an error during routine check-ups.
VinFast said on February 6 that the company will recall nearly 6,000 VF5 Plus after discovering an error during routine check-ups.

VinFast has initiated a program to recall nearly 6,000 of its VF5 Plus electric vehicles produced from March to December 2023 to replace the turn signal lever on the left-hand side of the steering column.

According to the Vietnamese auto maker, the recall program was initiated for 5,912 VF5 Plus EVs after an error was discovered during a routine check-up of the vehicle, whereby the front headlight can turn off suddenly if the driver vigorously toggles the left-hand stalk to activate the left turn signal, temporarily reducing visibility.

The issue only occurs when the car is driving at speeds between 50 and 55 kph at night with the headlights set to auto mode, which turns on the headlights automatically at night-time.

The headlights will return to normal once the driver turns off the left turn signal. Drivers who don’t set their headlights switch to auto mode will not encounter the problem.

After a vigorous inspection process with related parties, VinFast has determined that the problem was caused by an error in a control board from one of its suppliers. Specifically, within the combination switch, there is a control circuit board with a contact area that is shorter in the auto mode compared to the other positions.

During use, the contact pins have the potential to shift outward, resulting in signal loss and causing a temporary blackout of the headlights. The supplier will manufacture new combination switch assemblies with appropriately-surfaced control circuit boards and replacement will be done free of charge for customers.

VinFast has recorded one case of the issue occurring in a sold vehicle, but no incidents have been reported.

In order to maintain the highest safety standards for its customer and to meet strict quality control conditions, the Vietnamese company has decided to recall all of its VF5 Plus vehicles produced between March and December of 2023 to inspect and replace the left combination switch for free.

VinFast has reported the information to and requested approval for the recall program’s deployment plan from Vietnam Register. It is expected that, starting from February 19, customers can bring their vehicles to VinFast showrooms and service centers nationwide for inspection and replacement of the combination switch.

The estimated time to replace the switch is 40 minutes. Prior to it being replaced, VinFast advises drivers of VF5 Plus cars to not set their headlights to auto mode and instead turn them on manually to avoid encountering any problems.

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