September 15, 2023 | 13:30 GMT+7

Airbus reinforces commitment towards a sustainable supply chain

Giang Hoang -

Aircraft manufacturer shares its vision at the recent Vietnam-EU Trade Forum.

Ms. Hoang Tri Mai, Airbus Chief Representative of Vietnam, at the Vietnam International Sourcing Expo 2023.
Ms. Hoang Tri Mai, Airbus Chief Representative of Vietnam, at the Vietnam International Sourcing Expo 2023.

Airbus continues to work towards developing a sustainable supply chain aligned with Vietnam’s net-zero emissions roadmap, by preparing to introduce new job opportunities for its commercial aircraft business activities in the region. This transformative vision was presented at the Vietnam-EU Trade Forum as part of the “Connect International Supply Chain - Vietnam International Sourcing Expo 2023” event, jointly organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee.

Ms. Hoang Tri Mai, Airbus Chief Representative of Vietnam, emphasized the group’s expectations for its supply partners, aiming to ensure increased aircraft production rates and post-sales requirements. Suppliers are also expected to demonstrate commitments to sustainability in their manufacturing activities, aligning with Airbus’s values, including specific measures to minimize the environmental impact of production.

Furthermore, Airbus recognizes the opportunity to boost regional economic development through Vietnam’s strengths, such as its abundant workforce, vibrant manufacturing industry, and rapidly developing infrastructure.

“Vietnam’s remarkable progress is a beacon of promise in the Asia-Pacific region, and Airbus is thrilled to contribute to its ongoing success story,” Ms. Tri Mai said. “Our ongoing discussions with local companies signal our commitment to introducing new work packages in aircraft parts manufacturing. We are working towards expanding an already resilient supply chain that adheres to the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability.”

Expanding Airbus’s supply chain in Vietnam will contribute to the country’s economic growth. Presently, Vietnam’s air transport sector contributes 5.2 per cent of its GDP, supporting 2.2 million jobs and generating $12.5 billion in gross value.

“The outlook is positive and will provide opportunities for existing suppliers in the country to benefit from higher production rates,” she went on. “It will also open doors for new partners to join us who can meet our requirements for competitiveness, uncompromised quality, operational excellence, and a commitment to a sustainable future for our industry.”

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