July 11, 2023 | 13:30 GMT+7

Mid-year macro-economic roundtable plays vital role in policy making

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July 11 roundtable gathered representatives from ministries, agencies, and businesses as well as analysts.

Dr. Chu Van Lam, Editor-in-Chief of VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times, speaking at the dialogue.
Dr. Chu Van Lam, Editor-in-Chief of VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times, speaking at the dialogue.

The mid-year 2023 macro-economic roundtable dialogue, which opened in Hanoi on July 11, presented valuable information that will serve as an important reference source for policy-making agencies to meet development targets, according to Dr. Chu Van Lam, Editor-in-Chief of VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times.

With the theme “Restoring aggregate demand, promoting economic growth in the new context”, the dialogue was co-hosted by the National Economics University and VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times.

Outcomes will be submitted to the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission for the preparation of a report assessing the macro economy and socio-economic development policies in line with the Commission’s functions and tasks, Dr. Lam said.

Prior to the dialogue, the Commission organized meetings to obtain feedback and opinions from associations in sectors and businesses and trade promotion agencies both inside and outside of the country and a number of corporations. This served as a basis to identify issues that should be discussed and analyzed during the dialogue, according to Dr. Lam.

“We believe that with the participation and contribution to discussions from representatives of relevant ministries, agencies, international organizations, associations and businesses, particularly researchers and economic experts, the dialogue will receive valuable information to serve as an important reference source for policy-makers,” he said.

“With the aim of connecting strengths to help all parties fulfill their roles as well as make a more practical and effective contribution in terms of policies and activities, the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission, the National Economics University, and the VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times hope to set up a mechanism for quarterly meetings, exchanges, and feedback. These will create venues for frank, positive, and useful exchanges between representatives of management agencies, policy makers, experts, international partners, associations, and domestic and foreign enterprises.”

“We have come through half of 2023 in the face of many difficulties and challenges from both domestic and global circumstances,” he went on. “The results in the first half failed to meet expectations and fulfill set targets, but, in general, Vietnam is still a bright spot in Asia and the world. Its achievements can be attributed to the great determination of the Party, the people, ministries, agencies, localities, and the business community.”

In the context of unpredictable circumstances in the global situation and Vietnam’s economy revealing shortcomings and weaknesses in management, administration and response capacity require close supervision and early forecasting on related factors to identify comprehensive solutions to mitigate unexpected impacts on the economy and the operations of sectors and businesses, he added.

“I believe that discussions, reports, and analysis from experts, ministries, agencies and businesses offer practical value,” Dr. Lam said.

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