November 14, 2023 | 13:45 GMT+7

AI Day 2023 to be launched in HCMC in December

Nhung Nguyen

December 5 and 6 event to showcase the latest advances in GenAI.

AI Day 2023, with the theme “Empower AI: Reality Reimagined”, will be organized by VinAI and the New Turing Institute on December 5 and 6 in Ho Chi Minh City.

It will display the latest advances in Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI, or GenAI) technology, especially with the online participation of the world’s leading name in this field: Mr. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and the “Creator of ChatGPT”.

AI Day 2023 will center around four significant and highly applicable topics, including the future of Large Language Models (LLMs), the unimaginable impact of GenAI on life, a future with AI reimagined - a global view and impact in Asia, and economic and business development opportunities with GenAI.

During the LLMs session, speakers will share the latest advancements in LLMs within the academic realm. They will explore how these models have the potential to revolutionize the creation and consumption of digital content across various platforms.

Dedicated discussion sessions on the broader impact of GenAI on daily life will delve into unforeseen changes in the implementation and development of smart mobility, smart cities, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The discussions will address significant challenges hindering the practical implementation of AI systems, drawing insights from experts at esteemed universities. Additionally, speakers will tackle the challenges associated with using GenAI- driven language models in conversations, particularly in replacing humans in customer care, entertainment, and education.

The topic of economic and business development opportunities with GenAI aims to bridge the gap between research and practical applications. During this session, speakers will delve into the potential that GenAI holds for both the manufacturing and service industries.

AI Day 2023 boasts a notable highlight with the successful online participation of Mr. Altman, who played a pivotal role in elevating ChatGPT to symbolize GenAI 2023.

“VinAI takes great pride in fostering connections among global AI technology experts for meaningful interactions,” said Dr. Bui Hai Hung, CEO of VinAI. “The event’s success plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between global scientific advancements and Vietnam. Simultaneously, it facilitates progress in generative AI, AI applications in machine learning, computer business development opportunities with GenAI vision, natural language processing, and automation, making them more practical and applicable in everyday life.”

AI Day is an annual event first launched by VinAI in 2019, aiming to establish a platform that facilitates the connection between the domestic artificial intelligence community and global experts. In 2023, the event is being organized in cooperation with the New Turing Institute and the National Innovation Center (NIC) at the Ministry of Planning and Investment. It also receives sponsorship from notable companies such as AWS, Elsa Speak, Google, and VinFuture Prize.

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