October 12, 2022 | 18:30 GMT+7

Digital transformation key for VnEconomy and all media agencies

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VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times has been a pioneer in digital transformation in Vietnam’s media landscape.

Mr. Le Quoc Minh at the ceremony for the Vietnam Excellent Brand Awards 2022. Photo: Manh Thang
Mr. Le Quoc Minh at the ceremony for the Vietnam Excellent Brand Awards 2022. Photo: Manh Thang

At the ceremony for the Vietnam Excellent Brand Awards 2022 on October 12 in Hanoi, Mr. Le Quoc Minh, Member of the Central Committee of the Party, Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Popularization and Education, Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists Association, and Editor-in-Chief of the Nhan Dan newspaper, said digital transformation is important for every media agency.

Vietnam, he went on, is engaged in its digital transformation process and the media is no exception. Many people, especially journalists, have become familiar with the concept of “digital media transformation” in recent times.

However, the survival of the media will continue to be touched on for many years to come. And digital transformation will be key in resolving problems facing the existence of media agencies.

Mr. Minh said that VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times (VET) is a great example. After switching from a newspaper to a magazine in 2020, despite facing many difficulties, VnEconomy has made major efforts and invested heavily in technical infrastructure and working methods to gradually become a multimedia e-magazine focusing primarily on economic content.

The Editorial Board has constantly improved content quality, innovated new methods, and applied digital technology to better meet the needs of its many readers.

“Innovation of methods and the application of digital technology and multi-platform information transmission at VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times is reflected in the multiple platforms, such as print magazine, e-magazine, Fanpage, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn, etc.,” Mr. Minh emphasized.


VET has achieved a host of initial results, such as the VnEconomy Fanpage reaching over 500,000 followers, the VnEconomy TikTok having over 80,000 followers, nearly 100,000 likes, and nearly 5 million video views despite only being developed since August, and VnEconomy’s YouTube channel posting videos on seminars, media reviews, talkshows, and other matters.

In particular, VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times has cooperated with Vietnam Post in providing access to publications in the PDF format as a pay-to-read model in the digital environment, becoming the first agency to do so and delivering information faster to all locations and with greater convenience for readers.

Online publishing is an important endeavor in promoting Vietnam’s economy, quickly reaching readers such as businesspeople seeking investment opportunities in Vietnam through monthly issues of VET and summaries on VnEconomy of articles translated via Google Translate into 108 languages.

“Many paywall newspapers will create new standards and new paths that will impact on media quality and products, and with digital transformation will create and attract loyal customers and provide them with appealing offerings, especially high-end customers such as businesspeople,” Mr. Minh stressed. “This helps media agencies, including VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times, overcome the challenges and continue to develop strongly.”

As Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists Association, Mr. Minh congratulated VnEconomy / Vietnam Economic Times on its initial achievements.

During its journey of more than 30 years, he went on, VnEconomy has affirmed its position as a pioneering and leading economic news agency in Vietnam, reflecting objectively and honestly the situation and propaganda from the Party and State on socio-economic development, guidelines and policies, contributing significantly to the economic development policies of the Party and the State and promoting the development of businesses and the country.

“VnEconomy, with the motto ‘TRANSPARENT LOOK - POSITIVE THINKING - USEFUL SOLUTIONS’, has focused on promoting guidelines and policies for socio-economic development from the Party and the State, honoring outstanding enterprises in product development and market research and creating new consumer trends,” he said. “It has also stood by businesses during difficulties times and identified obstacles in implementing policies in practice, proposing solutions, connecting businesses and management agencies, and bringing businesses together to remove difficulties and problems.”


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