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Joint efforts needed to develop 1 million ha of low-carbon high-quality rice

Bình Minh -

Deputy PM calls for cooperation between government, localities, and enterprises.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang has called for cooperation between the government, localities, and businesses to effectively implement a project developing 1 million ha of high-quality, low-emissions rice linked with green growth in the Mekong Delta by 2030.

He made the suggestion while chairing a conference drawing up plans for the project, which was held on February 5 in the Mekong Delta’s Kien Giang province, the Government News has reported.

The Deputy PM emphasized that sound cooperation is needed, particularly in negotiating loans and coordinating between central agencies and localities and between businesses.

He also recommended that those involved be flexible and creative in implementing the project, to fall in line with the conditions in each region and each locality.

Project implementation is expected to help tackle three major issues facing the rice sector in Vietnam and the world: increasing output, boosting incomes for farmers, and adapting to and mitigating climate change.

Under the project, greenhouse gas emissions from rice farming are expected to be cut by more than 10 per cent and low-emissions, high-quality rice is to account for over 20 per cent of all exports from the Delta, which is a specialized rice farming region.

One million ha of high-quality and low-emissions rice cultivation areas will be established, linked to the restructuring of the production network along the value chain and the application of sustainable farming practices to increase the value and sustainability of the rice industry, improve the efficiency of production and business, boost the incomes and livelihoods of rice farmers, protect the environment, adapt to climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to the implementation of Vietnam’s international commitments.

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