July 07, 2024 | 15:15 GMT+7

Seminar on preventing the risk of “goldenization” of the economy

Phạm Long -

The July 8 event, to be hosted by Vneconomy / Vietnam Economic Times, focusing on solutions for stabilizing the domestic gold market.

A seminar with the theme  “To prevent the risk of  ‘goldenization’  of the economy” will be hosted on July 8 by Vneconomy / Vietnam Economic Times, attracting the participation of many officials from State management agencies, economists and experts.

Discussion will be focused on identifying solutions for preventing the risk of “goldenization”  of the economy, especially for stabilizing the domestic gold market.

Three main topics will be discussed at the seminar.

Firstly, to generally assess the domestic gold market, including (i) the role played by the gold in the national economy as well as its negative impacts if the economy isgoldenized”, (ii) types of gold trading businesses, (iii) structure of gold products, and (iv) roles of State management agencies in managing gold brands/market, quality of gold products, gold import and export, taxes, anti-gold smuggling and anti-money laundering activities, and countering terrorist financing…

Secondly, to address issues relating to transparency in gold trading such as accounting and invoicing practices, and gold brand identity…

Thirdly, to recommend models for gold market management, including physical gold platforms, tax policy, regulations on anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing.

It is hoped that the seminar will contribute useful initiatives to the efforts made by State agencies to stabilize the gold market.

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