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Transforming the everyday in Vietnam for 30 years - Ảnh 1

was officially established in Vietnam in 1993. Siemens now has three offices located in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City together with a manufacturing site in Binh Duong Province. For three decades, Siemens has made significant contributions to the socio-economic development of Vietnam. We are proud to be a trusted partner for Vietnamese customers and a long-time friend of Vietnamese people.

Since our establishment, Siemens has successfully participated in numerous infrastructure projects in Vietnam thus helping to improve the quality of life for millions of people throughout the country.

Firstly, Siemens helps to sustain energy supply for Vietnam. Siemens has been contributing extensively to the development of Vietnam's energy sector and supporting to solve the serious problem of power shortage by participating in many important power projects. Power plants using Siemens gas turbines, such as 740MW Phu My 3 Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP); 500MW Ca Mau 1&2 CCPP and 750MW Nhon Trach 2 CCPP, are among the most efficient power plants in Vietnam with a high reliability of more than 95 per cent. Siemens Gamesa wind turbines are contributing to electricity output for Vietnam with 1.2GW installment to date. Siemens has also helped to energize the largest solar power plant in Vietnam with its broad scope of supply, including 500/220kV substation protection and automation system, Electrical Balance of Plant (eBoP) solution and power plant controller system. This whole solar power project is expected to contribute about 1 billion kWh of electricity to the national grid each year.

Siemens is a leading supplier of efficient power transmission solutions. We have delivered equipment and protection and automation solutions for hundreds of 110kV – 220kV substations as well as dozen of 550kV substations in Vietnam. Siemens smart grid solutions automate and stabilize Vietnam’s power grid and support the energy sector to cope with fluctuating energy sources such as wind or solar power.

Besides power generation, Siemens technology has been assisting a number of water plants in Vietnam to enhance productivity and flexibility thus ensuring clean and stable water supply for household water need and for production need.

In healthcare sector, Siemens diagnostic imaging systems are contributing significantly to improving the quality of healthcare services for Vietnamese people.

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For 30 years Siemens has been creating impacts and values for its customers. Our automation solutions help Vietnamese customers in water treatment, food and beverage, paper, cement, machinery, chemical, metal and other industries to enhance their productivity, energy efficiency and competitiveness. For instance, Siemens’ entire solution on SIMOCRANE base for hardware & software upgrading enables Saigon New Port – the biggest container port in Vietnam to maximize its productivity thus reducing vessel releasing time remarkably. Our main control center SCADA (Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition) DMS (Distribution Management System) in Ho Chi Minh City, which is equipped with Siemens most advanced technology in the power distribution industry, is helping to remarkably improve the efficiency and reliability of the distribution network in 21 provinces and cities in the southern region of Vietnam.

Siemens has also been actively supporting Vietnam in leading the digital transformation journey and embracing Industry 4.0 opportunities. We have helped many customers to unlock the potential of digitalization for their businesses. Siemens’ Digital Enterprise portfolio has assisted VinFast to fulfill its ambition of building the first Made in Vietnam car in record time. Thuy Nguyen 220kV substation is the first 220kV digital substation of Vietnam’s transmission grid which is equipped with Siemens Process Bus technology thus enabling our customer to provide a more secure, efficient, flexibility and intelligent electric system.

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As a part of Siemens Xcelerator portfolio - a new digital business platform created by Siemens in order to make digital transformation easier, faster and at scale - Siemens Grid Software Suite enables our customer to accelerate and secure the energy transition in a sustainable and profitable way. For example, Siemens DEOP (Distributed Energy Optimisation Program), a cloud-based SaaS has enabled Trung Nam Group to optimize the operation of distributed energy resources at Trung Nam -Thuan Nam solar farm. Siemens software has enabled them to monitor its energy production, the energy emission into the grid, and the performance and economic revenues generated.

A Vuong Hydropower plant embarks on a digital transformation, with the goal of optimizing operating costs and improving efficiency. Thanks to Siemens Xcelerator portfolio elements and other components the company leaders can make faster and more accurate decisions.

In addition, Siemens is highly committed to being a good corporate citizen in Vietnam. We advance engineering and manufacturing education and training in Vietnam by helping establish automation training centers, donating numerous equipment and providing free software to many technical universities countrywide. To develop high-quality workforce ready who can help propel Vietnam’s economic and industrial progress, Siemens established a Siemens Digital Industry Academy – SITRAIN in Ho Chi Minh City in May 2018. We are also working closely with our customers to train and develop their workforce for the journey to become a digital enterprise.

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Last but not least, we care for the environment by supplying eco-friendly solutions for electricity generation and by facilitating energy efficiency for buildings and plants in Vietnam. Our Combined Cycle Power technology helps Vietnam reduce CO2 emission by nearly 5 million tons while our wind turbine technology for wind farms also helps Vietnam reduce CO2 emission by nearly 2,5 million tons a year compared to the global average. Siemens’ building technology has enabled its customers to achieve energy savings of 20 per cent – 30 per cent. In particular, Siemens BMS supported the German House in Ho Chi Minh City to become one of the greenest and most energy efficient office buildings in Vietnam. Siemens also supplied technology and components to locally manufacture electrical traction drive systems used in VinFast’s electrical buses (eBus) thus contributing to the improvement of the urban environment.

2023 marks an important milestone in our history in Vietnam as we celebrate our 30th anniversary of official presence. Thanks to strong cooperation and support from many stakeholders including Vietnamese and German governments, partners and customers and suppliers, as well as thanks to our employee’s excellent dedication and contribution, Siemens has been able to attain outstanding achievements and to make significant contributions to the socio-economic development of Vietnam over the past three decades. Siemens’ technologies have helped to transform the everyday of Vietnamese people to a better and more sustainable life. We are highly committed to strengthening our presence in Vietnam and to doing our best to support Vietnam on its journey of digital transformation and sustainability.

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