April 02, 2024 | 08:07 GMT+7

Vietnam Proposes 'ASEAN Future Forum' to Chart Development Path

Vi Châu -

Hanoi's initiative aims to foster dialogue on ASEAN's strategic direction amid shifting global dynamics and unprecedented challenges.

Vietnam's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs at the press conference (photo source: VGP)
Vietnam's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs at the press conference (photo source: VGP)

Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has unveiled the ASEAN Future Forum 2024 (AFF 2024), an initiative spearheaded by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

The forum seeks to provide a platform for ASEAN member states, partners, and stakeholders to shape the bloc's future trajectory as it enters a pivotal stage of development.

Deputy Foreign Minister Do Hung Viet emphasized that the AFF 2024, themed "Building a Fast-Growing, Sustainable, People-Centered ASEAN Community", reflects Vietnam's priorities.

As ASEAN approaches the 2025 milestone of its Community Vision, the bloc grapples with navigating a rapidly changing world.

Key challenges include maintaining its central role while adapting to new global dynamics, balancing the diverse interests of member states and external partners, and ensuring that innovation and development occur alongside the preservation of ASEAN's core values.

Ultimately, achieving rapid yet sustainable and inclusive growth is a critical question demanding ASEAN's attention.

The forum's open format aims to attract a diverse range of voices, including government officials, experts, and stakeholders from within and beyond the region.

AFF 2024 is intended to facilitate the exchange of ideas for the ASEAN Vision 2045 and its implementation. It also seeks to amplify ASEAN's voice in global discussions, particularly at the upcoming UN Future Summit.

"This is Vietnam's concrete contribution to forging a people-centered ASEAN Community," Deputy Minister Do Hung Viet stated. The forum's theme aligns with Vietnam's sustainable development goals, emphasizing inclusive growth.

AFF 2024 is expected to feature speeches by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, the Laotian Prime Minister (as ASEAN Chair 2024), the ASEAN Secretary-General, and a recorded message from the United Nations Secretary-General. Mr. Viet expressed hope that AFF 2024 will mark the beginning of an annual series of events.

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