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Vietnam's National Assembly Chairman Resignation Officially Approved By The Country's Legislative Body

Trân Đinh -

Vuong Dinh Hue steps down after violating party regulations. Permanent Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man temporarily leads the legislature.

Vietnam's 15th National Assembly, 7th extraordinary session. (Photo source: Vietnam's National Assembly.)
Vietnam's 15th National Assembly, 7th extraordinary session. (Photo source: Vietnam's National Assembly.)

Vuong Dinh Hue, the influential Chairman of Vietnam's National Assembly, resigned from his position on May 2nd after a tumultuous week that saw him lose his position on the powerful Politburo.

Mr. Hue's sudden resignation comes in the wake of a Central Committee investigation that found he had violated several party regulations, causing reputational damage to the Communist Party, the government, and himself.

In an extraordinary session, the National Assembly also voted to dismiss Mr. Hue from his position on the National Defense and Security Council and his duties as a delegate for Hai Phong City. His resignation marks a dramatic fall for a leader who has played a critical role within the ruling Communist Party for decades.

Mr. Hue, 67, a trained economist, rose steadily through the Party's ranks. His career trajectory included roles as State Auditor General, Minister of Finance, Deputy Prime Minister, and Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee before his election as Chairman of the National Assembly in 2021.

Scandal and Public Opinion

The Central Inspection Committee cited Mr. Hue's breaches of party regulations, including the transgression of rules regarding actions prohibited for party members, exemplary leadership responsibilities, and the responsibilities of party leaders. No specific details have been publicly released.

The scandal has caused "bad public opinion", the Central Committee stated– a coded euphemism for public anger and disillusionment that could potentially erode the Party's reputation, a point of particular sensitivity as the country grapples with economic challenges.

Leadership in Transition

With the Chairman position now vacant, Permanent Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man has been assigned to manage the National Assembly and the National Assembly Standing Committee until a new Chairman is elected.

Mr. Man, 62, is a fellow Party veteran who has held positions as Chairman of the People's Committee of Can Tho City, Secretary of the Can Tho City Party Committee, and Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front.

Mr. Hue's resignation underscores the ongoing political shifts within Vietnam's ruling party. The 15th National Assembly has held an unusually high number of extraordinary sessions – seven in total. Of those seven, four have focused on high-level personnel changes, highlighting the fluidity of leadership at the top echelons of the Communist Party.

It remains unclear who will become the next Chairman of the National Assembly, a position that plays a vital role in Vietnamese politics. 

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