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Viettel showcases 5G chipset at Mobile World Congress

Phan Anh -

Chip designed by engineers at Vietnamese telecom giant.

Viettel’s 5G chipset was introduced at the Mobile World Congress.
Viettel’s 5G chipset was introduced at the Mobile World Congress.

Vietnamese telecom giant the Viettel Group officially introduced its 5G chipset and human AI, named Vi An, to the global tech community on the opening day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024) in Spain on February 26.

These were two of 17 products representing Viettel’s technological ecosystem showcased at the world’s largest annual and most influential connectivity event.

With the theme “Future First”, Viettel’s products focus on four main groups: network infrastructure, cloud computing infrastructure, digital platforms, and future technologies.

The 5G DFE chip, designed by Viettel engineers, is capable of calculating a trillion calculations per second, meeting the common 5G standards of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), an umbrella term for several standards organizations that develop protocols for mobile telecommunications.

The chip is equal to the 5G chips of the top 10 semiconductor companies in the world.

Viettel also showcased its AI applications for customer interaction, financial services, and entertainment. Vi An, the first human AI from Vietnam, introduced a novel user interface for AI.

The MWC 2024, open through February 29, saw the participation of 2,400 tech firms and welcomed nearly 85,000 visitors.

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