March 20, 2024 | 14:46 GMT+7

VNPT Secures Key 5G Spectrum, Aims to Lead Vietnam's High-Speed Network Rollout

Phuong Hoa -

The telecom giant's successful frequency auction win strengthens its position to deliver fast, advanced 5G services, potentially paving the way for 6G development.


The Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) announced on March 19 its successful auction of usage rights for the 3700-3800 MHz frequency band.

This strategic win will bolster the company's nationwide 5G network development in the near future.

By securing this spectrum, VNPT gains flexibility in network equipment choices and can optimize 5G deployment costs. This positions VNPT to deliver Vietnam's fastest 5G network (Vinaphone). The company's existing ownership of the 1800 MHz frequency band provides an additional advantage for future 5G expansion and lays the groundwork for potential 6G network development.

"This frequency band auction aligns with state regulations for 5G deployment in Vietnam," stated a VNPT representative. "Following our successful bid for the 3700-3800 MHz band, VNPT will actively prepare for a successful commercial 5G rollout."

VNPT also plans to collaborate with the winner of the upcoming 3800-3900 MHz frequency band auction. This infrastructure-sharing model will maximize the efficiency of 5G deployment. 

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