June 06, 2024 | 06:30 GMT+7

Bac Giang exports 9,300 tons of lychee

Châu Anh -

China being the largest market, importing 9,200 tons.

Northern Bac Giang province has so far this year exported over 9,300 tons of lychee, according to the provincial Department of Industry and Trade.

Of which, over 9,200 tons were exported to China. The rest was shipped to other markets, including the US, the EU, Australia, Canada and Japan.

Local farmers have harvested and consumed nearly 27,000 tons of lychee, equivalent to 26.9% of the province’s total estimated lychee output this year.

The province has maintained and strictly controlled 223 area codes for growing lychee for exports, with total area of more than  17,100 ha. Of these, the Chinese market has 130 production unit codes, covering 16,217 ha.

Some 39 establishments packaging fresh lychees for export met Chinese regulations.

The total lychee output for 2024 is estimated at 100,000 tons.

The province’s lychee has been exported to over 30 countries and territories. An estimated 70,000 tons of lychee will be exported this year, accounting for 70% of the total output.


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