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Vietnam Advances Defense Tech: Prime Minister Praises Viettel's Progress, Urges Semiconductor Focus

Dinh Pham Tran -

PM Pham Minh Chinh lauds military telecom giant's advancements in high-tech defense production, assigning the critical task of developing a domestic chip industry.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh made a high-profile visit to the Military Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel) in Hanoi on April 9th. (Photo source: VOV)
Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh made a high-profile visit to the Military Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel) in Hanoi on April 9th. (Photo source: VOV)

Vietnam's Defense Modernization Drive Gains Momentum

Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh made a high-profile visit to the Military Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel) in Hanoi on April 9th.

This visit marked a significant milestone in Vietnam's ongoing efforts to bolster its national defense capabilities through cutting-edge technology development and production.

During the working session, Viettel's Chairman and General Director, Major General Tao Duc Thang, provided an in-depth overview of the company's successes within the T-09 program.

This ambitious initiative aims to significantly enhance Vietnam's defense potential through the mastery of complex defense systems, integration of core technologies, and the delivery of strategic military products.

Prime Minister's Praise and Strategic Vision

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh expressed deep appreciation for Viettel's recent breakthroughs, acknowledging the company's remarkable growth.

"The five key advantages are: firstly, experienced colleagues; secondly, greater confidence; thirdly, higher professionalism; fourthly, superior product output; and finally, a high-quality workforce," the Prime Minister noted.

The Prime Minister emphasized that Viettel's research and development, particularly in strategic products, lays the groundwork for a self-reliant, modern defense industry. This aligns with Vietnam's broader goal of integrating its defense sector with its overall industrial development ambitions.

Mr. Chinh stated his belief that products researched and developed by Viettel will contribute to creating the foundation to build a proactive, self-reliant, and dual-use defense industry," 

Collaborative Success and the Path Forward

PM Chinh highlighted the pivotal role played by various stakeholders in Viettel's success. He praised the direct guidance of the Politburo, the Secretariat, the Ministry of Defense under General Phan Van Giang, and the collaborative efforts of other ministries in shaping favorable policy mechanisms.

Looking ahead, the Prime Minister outlined a bold vision for Viettel, assigning the group the critical task of developing a robust and diverse semiconductor chip industry. He stressed that semiconductors are the heart of modern defense technology, and Vietnam needs to secure its capabilities in this domain.

He urged Viettel to continue its positive trajectory, emphasizing the importance of relentless innovation in high-tech science and electronic chip production for national security purposes. The Prime Minister also called on Viettel to be a pioneer – to think boldly, take calculated risks, and overcome obstacles while responsibly managing state resources.

Unwavering Support and Shared Commitment

The Prime Minister pledged the government's and the Ministry of National Defense's full support to Viettel in achieving its ambitious goals. 

He called upon the Ministry and relevant agencies to continue guiding and supporting Viettel's development, enabling the creation of a defense industry capable of serving Vietnam's evolving needs in the face of an increasingly complex security landscape.

Viettel's leadership, represented by Major General Thang, reaffirmed the company's unwavering determination to fulfill its assigned tasks.

“We will work tirelessly to contribute to the modernization of Vietnam's military and spearhead the country's industrial progress," the Major General asserted.

Military group Viettel is Vietnam's industry leader across domestic telecommunications, foreign telecommunications outsourcing, digital transformation, production research, and logistics sectors. The group attained consolidated revenue of VND 172,500 billion (approximately $6.9 billion), reflecting a growth rate of 5.4% in 2023.

In 2023, Viettel strengthened its dominance in the local telecommunications market with a 1.64% increase in market share, maintaining its position as the undisputed leader at 56.5%.

The company's non-mobile services also achieved remarkable success, with its fixed broadband (FTTH) service capturing 43% of the market share and its multi-platform television service reaching 8.6 million customers, representing a 31.2% market share.

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