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VNG and Roblox Partner to Launch in Vietnam, VNGGames Shares Top Publisher Award at VGA 2024

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VNG's partnership with Roblox signals a major move in Vietnam's burgeoning gaming industry, further highlighted by VNGGames' shared win at the prestigious Vietnam Game Awards.

Photo source: internet.
Photo source: internet.

VNG, a leading technology company in Vietnam, announced on May 11 a partnership with Roblox, the popular online game creation platform, to bring Roblox officially to the Vietnamese market.

This summer, Vietnamese users will be able to access millions of virtual experiences on the platform, available on iOS and Android devices.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies and the Vietnamese gaming landscape. It underscores the increasing recognition of Vietnam as an attractive market for global gaming giants.

"We believe that this cooperation is an important milestone showing that the Vietnamese market is an attractive destination for leading game businesses in the world, like Roblox," said La Xuan Thang, VNG's Director of Online Game Publishing.

Beyond publishing, VNG and Roblox aim to foster a vibrant creative community and support game development on the platform. This initiative aligns with Roblox's global community standards and seeks to encourage software programming among Vietnamese youth.

VNGGames Recognized as Top Publisher at VGA 2024

In other news, VNGGames, a subsidiary of VNG, shared the spotlight at the Vietnam Game Awards (VGA) 2024, securing the Outstanding Game Publisher award alongside Gamota.

This recognition highlights VNGGames' commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment content and its long-standing experience in the Vietnamese gaming market.

Photo source: internet.
Photo source: internet.

The VGA 2024 ceremony, a significant event within the Vietnam Game Festival (Gameverse), celebrated various contributors to the gaming industry. Notably, "Truth Arena" won Game of the Year, while "Lien Quan Mobile" was named Timeless Game.

Vietnam's Growing Gaming Industry

These developments come at a time when Vietnam's gaming industry is experiencing rapid growth. With revenues exceeding $500 million and a user base encompassing more than half of the population, gaming has emerged as a key economic sector in the country.

As the industry continues to evolve, the Vietnamese government is also taking proactive measures to support its growth.

The Ministry of Information and Communications is preparing to introduce a policy specifically aimed at developing the Vietnamese gaming industry, further solidifying the country's position in the global gaming landscape.

GameHub: A Platform for Emerging Game Developers

Within Gameverse 2024, GameHub played a crucial role in showcasing the innovation of Vietnamese game developers. VNG, along with Google and Meta, participated as an Advisory Council, providing expertise and guidance to emerging game projects.

This platform exemplifies VNG's dedication to fostering a robust Vietnamese game ecosystem. The company's involvement in GameHub demonstrates its commitment to connecting and supporting local talent, driving the industry's growth and potential.

VNG's partnership with Roblox and VNGGames' success at VGA 2024 signal a promising future for Vietnam's gaming industry. With strong government support, a growing user base, and platforms like GameHub fostering innovation, Vietnam is poised to become a significant player in the global gaming market.

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