October 04, 2023 | 15:30 GMT+7

More foreign investors eye opportunities in Vietnam

Tú Uyên -

Recent Investor Conference 2023 in HCMC attracted a host of international investors.

Foreign investors at the conference.
Foreign investors at the conference.

More than 150 international investors from industrial corporations, major financial institutions, and startups gathered together at the Investor Conference 2023 that opened in Ho Chi Minh City on October 3, to learn about the country’s investment policies and opportunities.

This was the largest number of foreign investors to take part in the event since it was first organized in 2005, demonstrating that Vietnam is becoming a more attractive investment destination, according to Mr. Don Lam, CEO and Founding Partner of VinaCapital, which hosted the event.

These investors represent conglomerates and investment funds managing approximately $1 trillion in capital, he said.

Preliminary surveys show that foreign investors are particularly interested in sectors that have development potential in Vietnam, such as clean energy, renewable energy, green production, and the semiconductor and chip industry, he added.

It presents an opportunity for Vietnam to attract more medium and long-term capital inflows, contributing to promoting sustainable economic growth in the future.

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