February 06, 2024 | 15:00 GMT+7

New requirements in place for setting up hi-tech parks

Vân Nguyễn -

All newly-established hi-tech parks must be in a convenient location in terms of infrastructure and transport, among other requirements.

A high-tech park can only be established if it meets certain conditions required by the government, including having a convenient location in terms of infrastructure and transport, under a new decree issued by the government on February 1, the Government News has reported.

The park also needs to be developed in line with regional provincial-level planning schemes, have appropriate and feasible scope in land use, and be able to connect with high-quality research and training establishments.

Other requirements include being feasible in terms of human resources, mobilizing resources for technical infrastructure and social infrastructure development, and building residential areas and public facilities adjacent to or around the high-tech park, to serve experts and workers at the high-tech park, in line with the park’s construction process.

It must also meet conditions on environmental protection.

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