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Vietnam and China's Top Leaders Pledge Cooperation, Seek Stable Ties

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National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue's meeting with China's General Secretary and President Xi Jinping highlights efforts by both countries to strengthen their complex relationship by focusing on economic ties and downplaying potential areas of friction, such as maritime disputes.

Both leaders expressed a desire for warm and productive relations. (Photo source: VNA)
Both leaders expressed a desire for warm and productive relations. (Photo source: VNA)

Vietnam’s top legislator, National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue, has kicked off his official visit to China with a high-profile meeting with General Secretary and President Xi Jinping. The talks in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People aimed to solidify the bilateral relationship amidst rising global tensions and ongoing regional disputes.

Both leaders expressed a desire for warm and productive relations. Mr. Hue conveyed greetings from Vietnam's Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and praised China's achievements under Xi's leadership.

He expressed belief that the Chinese people are poised to realize the ambitious goals set forth during the 20th Party Congress, transforming China into a modern socialist power. Underscoring Vietnam's perspective, he affirmed that China's success contributes to global peace and offers cooperation opportunities for Vietnam.

Mr. Xi reciprocated by congratulating Vietnam on its socioeconomic progress and reiterated China's support for Vietnam's development path. Most significantly, he echoed the language used in joint statements with Vietnam about building "a community with a shared future of strategic significance."

Economic Focus, Strategic Ambiguity

The leaders' meeting emphasized economic cooperation as the bedrock of their complex bilateral relationship. Mr. Hue stressed that Vietnam views ties with China as a "top priority" and vowed to adhere to the "One China" policy, a diplomatic bedrock for Beijing. Mr. Xi responded by pledging to promote deeper, substantive ties with Vietnam.

Key proposals focused on trade, infrastructure connectivity, and investment. Mr. Hue called for enhanced access to the Chinese market for Vietnamese agricultural goods, the acceleration of major railway and highway projects, and further collaboration in finance and digital technology.

Mr. Xi signaled openness to these ideas, indicating a willingness to participate in strategic linkups with Vietnam's development plans and welcoming Vietnamese involvement in China's regional initiatives. 

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