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Vietnam-Laos Friendship Solidified as Leaders Pledge Enhanced Cooperation

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Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and Lao Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone reaffirmed the enduring bond between their nations during a recent meeting, pledging to deepen cooperation across various sectors.

The Prime Ministers of Vietnam and Laos met ahead of ASEAN Future Forum in Hanoi
The Prime Ministers of Vietnam and Laos met ahead of ASEAN Future Forum in Hanoi

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh of Vietnam and Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone of Laos convened at Government Headquarters on April 22 in a display of fraternal camaraderie.

The occasion, marked by warm greetings and mutual appreciation, underscored the robust ties between the two nations.

Prime Minister Chinh extended felicitations to his Laotian counterpart on the auspicious occasion of Lao New Year Bun Pi May, while expressing gratitude for Prime Minister Siphandone's presence at the ASEAN Future Forum in Hanoi.

In a cordial exchange, Prime Minister Chinh conveyed the heartfelt regards of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and Vietnam's senior leadership to Prime Minister Siphandone and his compatriots, acknowledging Laos's commendable strides in national development.

He expressed confidence in Laos's ability to surmount challenges under the astute guidance of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, envisaging a prosperous trajectory aligned with the nation's socio-economic development plans.

Economic Milestones and Cooperation

The meeting saw a reaffirmation of the robust economic partnership between Vietnam and Laos. Bilateral trade, a cornerstone of their relations, witnessed a notable upswing, with first-quarter trade reaching USD 476.8 million, reflecting a 12% surge from the previous year.

Vietnam's substantial investment footprint in Laos, encompassing 245 projects with a cumulative investment of USD 5.5 billion. As the third largest country investor in Laos, Vietnam underscores its commitment to fostering economic synergies and regional integration.

Photo source: VGP
Photo source: VGP

Strategic Dialogue and Collaborative Measures

Prime Ministers Chinh and Siphandone engaged in strategic deliberations aimed at bolstering multifaceted cooperation. Emphasizing the enduring bonds of friendship and solidarity, they underscored the pivotal role of high-level engagements in nurturing bilateral ties.

Notably, they resolved to expedite the implementation of key agreements, including the Vietnam-Laos Cooperation Strategy Agreement (2021-2030) and the Vietnam-Laos Bilateral Cooperation Agreement (2021-2025), to fortify institutional frameworks and facilitate seamless collaboration.

Towards a Shared Future

The leaders articulated a shared vision for the future, emphasizing the imperative of enhancing connectivity and synergy across diverse sectors.

Recognizing the pivotal role of infrastructure, finance, and telecommunications in fostering economic integration, they underscored the need for concerted efforts to surmount impediments and create an enabling environment for sustained growth.

Moreover, they reaffirmed their commitment to mutual support on regional and international platforms, affirming Vietnam's steadfast backing of Laos's chairmanship of ASEAN in 2024.

As Vietnam and Laos chart a course towards deeper collaboration and mutual prosperity, the meeting between Prime Ministers Chinh and Siphandone serves as a testament to the enduring camaraderie and shared aspirations binding the two nations.

Rooted in historical ties and fortified by a commitment to common development, their partnership continues to chart new vistas of cooperation, heralding a future of shared prosperity and regional stability.

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