March 18, 2024 | 19:49 GMT+7

Hanoi Emerges as Top Travel Destination with Record Tourism Surge

Giang Hoang -

Vietnam's vibrant capital, Hanoi, experiences a surge in international tourism, propelled by innovative initiatives, affordability, and cultural richness, positioning itself as a premier global destination.

In the heart of Vietnam's bustling capital, Hanoi, tourism is flourishing, witnessing a substantial influx of international visitors in the first two months of 2024. This remarkable growth is credited to a range of tourism stimulus programs and ongoing promotional campaigns aimed at luring travelers from across the globe.

With over a million international arrivals during this period, the city's focus has shifted towards elevating the quality of tourism experiences, aiming to prolong stays and boost spending. Nguyen Hong Minh, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Tourism, emphasizes the city's commitment to crafting innovative tourism products catering to diverse visitor interests.

A standout initiative is the transformation of the F1 racing circuit in Nam Tu Liem district into a multifaceted tourism, sports, and entertainment complex, offering visitors an unparalleled immersive experience. This ambitious project seeks to capitalize on Hanoi's burgeoning reputation as a cultural and sporting hub, enticing tourists seeking memorable experiences beyond conventional sightseeing.

Hanoi's affordability has garnered global attention, earning it a spot among Wethrift's top 15 affordable travel destinations for 2024. Factors such as reasonable airfare, cost-effective attraction tickets, budget-friendly tour packages, and accessible public transportation options make Hanoi an appealing destination for budget-conscious travelers.

However, beyond affordability, travelers are drawn to Hanoi for its safety, cultural diversity, and myriad experiences. Australian tourist Peter O'Keeffe underscores the city's sense of security, a crucial factor for visitors.

Vietnam, including Hanoi, has earned accolades from Condé Nast Traveler as one of the 21 cheapest travel destinations for 2024. While affordability is enticing, industry experts stress the importance of delivering high-quality tourism experiences to retain visitors and bolster the country's reputation as a premier travel destination.

Aligned with this strategy, Hanoi is leveraging its cultural heritage to craft distinctive tourism products, including waterway tourism along the Red River and West Lake, agritourism, and adventure tourism. Initiatives such as night tours in the city's outskirts aim to offer immersive cultural experiences and culinary delights to visitors.

To enhance visitor experiences and streamline administrative processes, Hanoi is prioritizing digital transformation in tourism. Efforts include digitizing tourism data and developing smart tourism maps to benefit businesses and travelers alike. Leveraging technology for communication and promotion is also a key priority to showcase Hanoi's tourism offerings to both domestic and international audiences.

The "Hanoi Welcomes 2024" event, inaugurating a series of cultural festivals and tourism activities, marks the commencement of the city's ambitious tourism agenda. With aspirations to welcome 27 million visitors, including 5.5 million international arrivals, by 2024 and generate substantial tourism revenue, Hanoi is poised to cement its status as a top-tier travel destination in the region. Through a strategic blend of affordability, safety, cultural richness, and digital innovation, Hanoi aims to establish itself as a premier destination offering top-quality experiences to travelers worldwide.

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